What is Bolle double lens thermal layer?

What is Bolle double lens thermal layer?

The dual lenses on some Bolle goggles work similarly to the double layer energy efficient windows of your house. By trapping a layer of air between the two layers of the lens, your goggles create a thermal barrier to the outside elements.

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    • What Is Bolle double layer face foam

      Bolle goggles are equipped with double-layer face foam. A soft micro-fleece layer on top of a medium density foam, so your skin feels comfortable against the fleece while the foam ensures a leak-free fit.
    • What Is Bolle's Modulator Lens?

      Bolle's Modulator lens eliminates the need for multiple goggle lenses by using photochromic lens technology that automatically changes the tint of the lens with changing light conditions. The lens reacts to ultraviolet radiation. So, when the sun is ...
    • What is Bolle Carbo Glass

      Bolle goggles equipped with Carbo Glass have their outer lens protected with an anti-scratch coating.
    • What Is Bolle Flow Tech venting?

      Bolle goggles equipped with Flow-Tech venting have unique vents that control airflow, while keeping snow and ice out, to keep the lens free of fog.
    • What is Bolle P80+ anti fog?

      P80+ is a hydrophobic anti-fogging layer applied to the inner lens of the goggle that disperses water molecules to keep the inner lens from fogging and icing up.